German Red Cross

(Deutsches Rotes Kreuz)




Red Cross awards date back to 1922. Authority for award rested with the President of the German Red Cross up to 1939 when Adolf Hitler changed the Red Cross to Social Welfare (Deutsche Volkspflege) under NSDAP control.





Medal of the German Red Cross

Medal of the German Red Cross on female's ribbon bow




Franz Xaver Hasenöhrl seen wearing the 1st Class neck Order




Cross of Merit




Red Cross.

DRK - Cross of Merit (2nd Class) on female's ribbon bow (left). Senior Helper's service brooch (right)




Senior Helper's brooch in wear

Senior Helper's service brooch in wear




Helper's Service Brooch

Helper's service brooch



Roteskreuz Samariterin Brooch

DRK - Samariterin Brooch




Red Cross badge in wear

DRK - Samariterin Brooch in wear





Sister's Service Brooch

DRK - Nursing Sister's service Brooch




Badge of Honour of the German Red Cross

Badge of Honour of the German Red Cross - pin back (left - lapel pin (right)





German Red Cross member's lapel pin

German Red Cross member's lapel pin for civilian attire







German Social Welfare

(Deutsche Volkspflege)




On the 1st May 1939, Hitler introduced a series of four Social Welfare awards (Ehrenzeichen für Deutsche Volkspflege) to replace the earlier DRK awards.

His thinking was that the new series of awards should cover the whole field of social welfare, and not just the relatively restricted area of the Red Cross.


Award criteria

To be rendered in recognition of loyal servicein the connection with the following:

Social Welfare

Winter Relief

Looking after the sick and wounded, both in peace and war

Keeping up old customs

Looking after German nationals in foreign countries




1st Class Cross

2nd Class Cross

3rd Class Cross

4th Class Medal



Volkspfledge 2nd Class Cross

Volkspflege 2nd Class Cross




Volkspfledge 3rd Class Cross

Volkspflege 3rd Class Cross




Volkspflege meda

Volkspflege medal on female's ribbon bow






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