Most propaganda in Germany was produced by the Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (Propagandaministerium)

Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels was placed in charge of this ministry shortly after Hitler took power in 1933. All journalists, writers, and artists were required to register with one of the Ministry's subordinate chambers for the press, fine arts, music, theater, film, literature, or radio.

The Nazis believed in propaganda as a vital tool in achieving their goals. Adolf Hitler, Germany's Führer, was impressed by the power of Allied propaganda during WW I and believed that it had been a primary cause of the collapse of morale and revolts in the German home front and Navy in 1918. Hitler would meet nearly every day with Goebbels to discuss the news and Goebbels would obtain Hitler's thoughts on the subject; Goebbels would then meet with senior Ministry officials and pass down the official Party line on world events.



Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels

Reichsminister for Propaganda 1933-1945


The Nazis liked the visual, and postcards were cheap and vivid ways of getting the message across. The variety of Nazi postcards is enormous. This section shows a selection of the postcards produced during the time of the Third Reich.




Iron Cross 2nd Class Iron Cross 1st Class Knight's cross

Knight's cross with oak leaves Knight's Cross with oak leaves and swords

War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords War Merit Cross 1st class with swords Knight's Cross of the War Merit cross



Hitler Youth


Hitler Youth Girl Scout Drummer boy

Hitler youth Flag bearer Hitler youth SS



Sturmabteilung (SA)


Sturmabteilung (SA) SA 1937 SA




Officer Motorcycle Rangefinder

Troops Army Flak Fight against Britain






War/Propaganda Artist - Wolfgang Willrich


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