Luftwaffe Badges that were instituted but not issued


(All the badges presented in this chapter are reproductions and are shown for illustration purposes only)



Sea Battle Badge-Seekampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe

Sea Battle Badge - Seekampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe

Instituted on 27 November 1944, by order of Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, the  Sea Battle Badge was to be awarded to crews of Luftwaffe supply ships, air/sea rescue launches, and other special surface vessels. All military, official, and civilian Luftwaffe personnel were eligible.


Award Criteria
This badge was awarded based on an accumulation of days at sea, with a day being equal to 10 hours at sea. Award criteria were as follows:
1. Leaders and crews of supply ships and other Luftwaffe surface craft.
a. 60 days sea in the North or East sea, between 5 and 20 degrees longitude and south of the 60th degree of latitude, or
b. 20 days at sea in the Mediterranean, including the Aegean and Black Sea.
2. Leaders and crews of air/sea rescue launches
a. 20 days at sea with a minimum of one rescue attempt or a three hour sea duration each day.
b. 10 sea days with a successful rescue.




Close Combat Clasp-Nahkampfspange der Luftwaffe

Close Combat Clasp - Nahkampfspange der Luftwaffe

Instituted on 3rd of November  1944, by order of Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, the Luftwaffe Close Combat Clasp was introduced for members of the Luftwaffe ground forces.
Shown below is the page showing the order for the Luftwaffe Close Combat clasp, with translation.



Order for Luftwaffe Close Combat Clasp


"The Reichsmarschall des Reiches and Commander of the Luftwaffe.
1574. Statutes for the introduction of a close combat clasp and Panzer combat award of the luftwaffe.
Due to the increasing frequency that Luftwaffe troops, esp. Fallschirmjägers, are involved in ground combat on all fronts and Brennpunkten (hot spots) and in view of the kind of combat they are involved in, I have decided to introduce a number of new kinds of Luftwaffe combat badges.

To compliment the Armies version, I institute as a visible award for courage in close combat, using small arms and close combat means, and as a incentive to devotion to duty "the Luftwaffe close combat clasp" and for having proved oneself in combat as a member of a panzer, panzerrecon or Panzergrenadier unit of the Lufztwaffe "The Panzer combat award of the Luftwaffe"
The award of the Luftwaffe combat badges is to go according to the supplied statutes. The responsible superior officers are to be held accountable for the following of these statutes.

Manufacturing style will be dictated by the chef of the Personnel, equipment and
NS leadership of the LW. HQ ofthe Ob.D.L. 3.11.44"”  




Tank Battle Badge-Panzerkampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe

Tank Battle Badge - Panzerkampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe

Instituted on 3rd November 1944, by order of Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, the Luftwaffe Panzer Badge was introduced to honour the panzer troops of the Luftwaffe field divisions.





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