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Commemorative Awards & Badges of the NSDAP




In November 1936, Hitler gave new "orders" for the "Orders and Awards" of the Third Reich. The top NSDAP awards are listed in this order:

1. Coburg Badge - (Das Coburger Abzeichen)

2. Nuremberg (Nürnberg) Party Badge of 1929 - (Das Nürnberger Parteiabzeichen von 1929}

3. Brunswick Rally Badge - (Das Abzeichen vom SA - Treffen in Braunschweig 1931)

4. Golden Party Badge - (Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der N S D A P)

5. The Blood Order - (Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 9. November 1923)


followed by the Gau badges (Gau-Ehrenzeichen der NSDAP) and the Golden HJ Badge (Goldenes Hitlerjugend Ehrenabzeichen)




Coburg Honour Badge

(Das Coburger Abzeichen)


The Coburg Badge (Das Coburger Abzeichen) was the first badge recognised as a national award of the Nazi Party (NSDAP).

On 14 October 1922 Adolf Hitler led 800 members of the SA from Munich and other Bavarian cities by train to Coburg for a weekend rally.

Once there, numerous pitched street battles with leftists and communists occurred.

In the end, the final victory belonged to the Nazis. Later, the day was known as the Deutscher Tag in Coburg (German Day in Coburg).

Hitler ordered the Coburg Badge to be struck on 14 October 1932 to memorialise the event which took place ten years earlier.


The Coburg Badge (Das Coburger Abzeichen)




Gauleiter Otto Hellmuth seen wearing the Coburg Honour Badge and the NSDAP General Honour GauBadge 1923




The Nuremberg Party Day Badge

(Das Nürnberger Parteiabzeichen von 1929}



A special honour badge, the Party through regulations of 6 November 1936, established the badge for the 4th Reichsparteitage der NSDAP (4th National Party Day) in Nuremberg of 1-4 August 1929. 






Brunswick Rally Badge

(Das Abzeichen vom SA - Treffen in Braunschweig 1931)


Brunswick Rally Badge was the third badge recognised as a national award of the Nazi Party (NSDAP).

Through the regulations of 6 November 1936, a special Party Honour Badge commemorating the SA Assembly in Braunschweig on 17-18 October 1931 was created.





An SA-Obersturmführer of Standarte 83 (Hessen) seen wearing the Brunswick Rally Badge,

NSDAP General Honour GauBadge 1923, Blood Order and Golden Party Badge.




GAU Honour Badges of the NSDAP

(Gau-Ehrenzeichen der NSDAP)




General GAU Honour Badge - 1923 & 1925



Gau Thüringen

Issued in Silver



Gau Essen

Issued in Gold & Silver



Gau Baden

The larger version issued in Gold & Silver, the smaller version in Silver



Gau Sudetenland



Gau Osthannover

Issued in Gold, Silver & Bronze



Gau Ostpreußen

Issued in Silver



Walter Funk seen wearing the Gau Ostpreußen Honour badge





Gau Berlin





Gau Danzig

As appears in the 1943 Organization Book of the NSDAP



Gauleiter Albert Forster seen wearing the Gau Danzig badge






Party day Badges of the NSDAP




"NSDAP Nürnberg Reichsparteitag" badge - 1933




Adolf Hitler seen wearing the 1933 "NSDAP Nurnberg Reichsparteitag" badge